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Like many children, my niece had a blankie that meant the world to her when she was little. That blankie was her confidant, comfort, and key to falling asleep. Not just any blanket would do, these were clearly imposters that didn’t hold the same magic as her one true blankie. My sister in law, in all her mother greatness wasn’t going to run the risk of that thing getting lost! She turned 1 regular sized blanket into 6 smaller squares making sure there was always a back up. Some may think it’s silly, but their family knew this blankie was key to my nieces sense of peace and security.

What happens to us as adults that we no longer prioritize our peace? If you are like me, you fall into the trap of “handle it”. We decide that because we are grown, we can “handle” life without rest, security, peace. We are drivers who push through with mental toughness ignoring the need for rest, and sometimes even disrespecting other people’s need for it. Or, like so many, you might fall into the group of “superficial rest”. This camouflaged imposter of rest beckons you in many ways, TV, cocktails, cookouts. None of these are bad on their own, but when we are exhausted these gifts of life, achievement, and entertainment hinder what we need most…peace. Why can’t we as adults admit that we need our own version of a blankie? Have you found yours? Do you know what you need for peace? Not the imposters that pretend, but truly, the action, inaction, or experience that restores your body and soul and helps you be your best self?

I have a couple of adult blankies that I can’t live without. It took me a long time to discover them, but now that I found them I can’t give them up. Connecting in nature, without noise or todo lists is absolutely at the top of the lists. It gives me time to reflect, dream, consider, and often times feel like I finally can take a deep breath. The stress I have been carrying on my shoulders starts to melt away and I can see a new perspective that matters more. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I am filled with wonder, but am always restored. Another blankie for me is music. Sometimes I am jamming to my favorite Hamilton or Greatest Showman songs. Other times I need to be lost in worship music so God can step in and speak to my spirit.

In a world where busy screams at us, we have to find our true blankies filled with peace. Embrace them, protect them, cut them up into 6 little pieces, so to speak. Don’t settle for an imitation, but find the real thing, a true source of peace. Say no to the things that drain you so you have the space to search out the things that fulfill you.

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