My Story: From Sickness to Health

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What defines healthy? Select a random group of people and chances are you will hear a spectrum of ideas. Many of these people would probably quote a common idea that has woven its way into our culture. Over the years we have been taught drinking milk makes our bones strong, staying away from eggs keeps cholesterol low, and margarine is better for you than butter.

As a child of the 90’s I heard these philosophies and lived by them growing up. I grew up in a typical midwest household that ate a Flintstones vitamin with breakfast. My parents followed these and many other rules so that their children could be healthy. We took advice from our pediatricians and trusted news sources, meanwhile my body was breaking down like the slow drips of water that erode rock formations until they crumble and come crashing down. I was doing everything the “experts” were saying to do, and still, I was so unhealthy.

For most of my life I was “living sick”. As a kid I didn’t really recognize it or notice how strange it was. A runny nose, eczema, asthma, frequent colds, strep throat…. Kids just get these things right? My mother, who would do anything for her three children, took me to the doctor regularly. Our pediatrician (who was named after a butt… I kid you not, I still giggle thinking about it)  would give us a new prescription of antibiotics or allergy medicine and send us on our way. My symptoms were suppressed for a short time, but underlying issues continued to crumble under the surface. This was the cycle of my adolescence where my mother and I fought to make me better. Chronic sickness became my version of normal. Flash forward into my college years when regular sickness escalated into full blown autoimmunity that controlled every aspect of my life. My version of normal had become unbearable, it was time for drastic change.

I cannot help but think many other people feel the same way. They have lived believing chronic illness is just a part of life. I have to stop and question, could all these health problems be the result of our lifestyle choices? What if true health wasn’t  just about following the food pyramid, and getting regular exercise? How would things change if we tried preventative medicine instead of prescription drugs? What if our bodies were not sentenced to slowly fall apart, but instead had the ability to thrive?

This is what Green Gurneys is meant to be. In our journey toward healing, my husband Jonathan and I have learned so much about alternative health choices. Through food, supplements, and lifestyle choices we have dramatically improved our health. We do not have it all together, but some of our ideas might help. My intent is to offer it as a gift, to support those of you who are searching for a new way. In my heart I pray I can help you physically, mentally, and spiritually, get on with the business of living your very best life.   


14 Replies to “My Story: From Sickness to Health”

  1. Little Sis,

    You are so very inspiring. God is surely using you to do great work in other people’s lives! Keep enduring. Keep fighting.

    Love, Big Sis

  2. I am very interested in learning more about this. I’ve dealt with stomach issues for years. I do not enjoy going out to eat, traveling as I never know when I’ll have an attack. So I will be reading your story!

  3. Love this. I have a small garden sufficient for herb supply and vegetables year around. Just this morning we harvested nettles, stevia, marjoram, camomile, lavender and mint with T and Ty. I dry the herbs and make tea all year round.
    I like to do yoga in my small garden.

    Thanks for sharing your story


  4. Love your soup recipe.
    Our garden has been producing a lot of beets. So I make simple recipes using the beet greens, legumes and lots of spices and herbs from the garden . Using my Instant Pot it is a breeze. Just made beet green, red bean soup. Spiced it with turmeric, coriander, cumin and pepper..

  5. It’s awesome that you have found out how to improve your condition, and that you are now using your experience to help others.

    “I cannot help but think many other people feel the same way. They have lived believing chronic illness is just a part of life.” You nailed that one.

    Conventional medicine is terrific for dealing with acute problems and injuries, but it is not well-equipped to deal with chronic conditions.

    Keep up the good work; you will be helping so many people at such a fundamental level.

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