Green Gurney’s Favorite Stocking Stuffers

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With Christmas only 11 days away I’m gathering my favorite stocking stuffers. In our home only two stockings hand, Jonathan and mine, so I stuff his stocking but also stuff my own! I also like to think of my mom and mother in law. These heroes of Christmas shouldn’t be left out! Of course I couldn’t forget treasures for my niece and nephew. My stocking stuffer list has healthy and happy choices for all of my favorite people. You can find them at local stores, or click the links for an easy stocking stuffer delivery!


Hand Warmers and Alaska Knits socks

Socks: Target sells Alaska Knit socks that I’m addicted to October – March. I love the pattern options, but they also are perfect for cold weather hikes.

Hot Hands: I keep Hand Warmers around for those days when the temperature drops but we need an outdoor adventure. They are also perfect for my dad who is always working outside but hates the cold.

Health and Wellness

Hand sanitizer, clean cough drops, and eucalyptus oil

Hand Sanitizer: While nothing replaces washing your hands, sometimes hand sanitizer is necessary. I keep this in the car and use it after I pump gas. I also have a bottle in our travel lunch box for after picnic hikes. I like the Everyone brand because it’s approved by the Environmental Working Group – EWG. This healthier option is free of chemicals and sanitizes naturally. You can buy the Everyone hand sanitizer on Amazon, or at your local health food store.

Cough Drops: The most common cough drops are filled with additives like food dies, chemicals, and grains. When I found Zarbees cough drops my life was changed for the better! As a singer and a teacher my voice get’s over used. These come in handy when I have a cold or if I just need something to sooth my throat. I find them at my local health food store, or order them using the link above.

Young Living Oils: Not all oils are created equally! Store bought oils fall in different ranges of purity. I trust Young Living above the rest because from start to finish they stay pure. There are no additives, they are safe to ingest, and do not expire. Eucalyptus oil clears my sinuses and lungs, but also smells fresh and makes me alert. It’s my go to oil during cold and flu season. Beware! There are different types of Eucalyptus oil. Some smell like feet and vomit combined! Eucalyptus Globulus smells delightfully fresh!


Gum: Pur gum is truly fantastic. They have a ton of flavors, and are free of any unnecessary additives or allergens. My favorite flavors are mint and bubble gum.

Peanut Butter Cups: Unreal brand has a super clean version of peanut butter cups. They are free of grains, dairy, and soy and only have 5 grams of sugar. I like how the big pouches have individually wrapped pieces to share among many stockings! Find them from your local health food store or order them from Whole Foods.

Candy Gummies: My niece and nephew love candy! I earn some major aunt points with Surf Sweets Gummies. We brought them to our recent trip to see Frozen 2 and my niece gobbled them up. While the sugar content is high, they are free of 10 major food allergens. This company also uses natural food dyes derived from food to color their delectable bears.


Hair Spray, Smoothing Gel, Hand Cream, Lip Balm

Hair Spray: I have a family full of curly haired women. To protect us from chemicals I use Giovanni hair spray. Think Dirty gives it a level 3 green rating which is pretty clean! Since it’s a spray bottle the product last longer and is better for the environment.

Smoothing Serum: My hair when left to dry on its own is a puffy, wild lion’s mane. Giovanni frizz be gone smoothing serum tames my hair in the summer and calms the static in the winter. Products like this are often filled with chemicals that seep into our skin and scalps. Think Dirty gives this product a level 2 clean green rating!

Lip Balm: Dr. Bronner’s Lip Balm has healthy ingredients and protects my lips from the cold wind. They have plenty of flavors but my favorite is peppermint.

Hand Cream: Derma E is a one of my most trusted cosmetic brands. They have great products, but I especially love their hand cream. As a teacher and a cook I am constantly washing my hands. Without Derma E my hands become terribly cracked. At my local health food store they sell travel sized bottles. I keep these everywhere – in the car, in the kitchen, in my office – the little bottles keep my hands soft and hydrated.

Comment or tag us if you love these products as much as we do!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy Christmas from the Gurneys.

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