Green Gurneys

My name is Amanda Gurney. In my everyday life, I am a teacher from a small town near Columbus, Ohio. I live each day balancing two worlds. The first is rooted in education. As an Instructional Coach, my hearts joy is supporting students and teachers in my community. The second world is focused on optimal health. My hope is to share resources with people who are fighting autoimmunity, food allergies, or simply want to live a healthier life. You would find me at my happiest singing in the crowd at a concert, hiking a wooded path with my husband Jonathan, playing games with my nieces and nephews, or reading an addictive book on a sunny day.

I am an overcomer. I do not have it all together, I fail often, but I always adjust, and try again. I refuse to give up or settle. After a lifetime of chronic sickness and a laundry list of autoimmune symptoms, something had to change. Refusing to let my symptoms control me, I developed a way of living that is centered around lifestyle choices and foods that heal. I have not yet arrived, I am constantly learning, but my hope is to share my knowledge with others so they can begin their own restorative journey. 

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