Travel Ornament Traditions

For many people a favorite part of Christmas is cutting down a tree with their family. For me, it’s the moment when I open the ornament box and pull out the shiny treasures one by one. Mandy ornaments have special memories but my favorites are my travel ornaments. In the first year of our marriage, […]

Open Doors and Bigger Tables

For generations, society has projected an image of the typical holiday father. He drank beer while he watched football and shouted about when the food would be ready. The ideal holiday mother has been depicted as a woman who carefully plans the best foods, sets a beautiful table, and serves her guests with bright eyes […]

Teachers, Let’s Slow Down

Your broken down and tired I was driving to the gym on my way to my favorite exercise class. The first 15 minutes are intense cardio, the next 15 minutes focusing on strength, and the last 15 minutes of calm down yoga. This combo always makes me feel good. Work was done, I was riding […]


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