Jekyll Island

I long ago discovered my favorite vacation spots are a relief from the bustling crowds of society. I want an escape where the scenery is far more prominent than man-made structures. I could live the rest of my life without ever seeing a high-rise building again. I found this haven on Jekyll Island, a small […]

Pandemic Teaching: One Year Later

The second semester began in 2021 and I brought my class of 3rd graders outside for their very first recess on the new playground. Off they went to discover the twirls and thrills of the new structures.  For me, it was a welcome chance to pause and catch my breath from our first morning together. […]

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Candy: Dessert with clean ingredients

If you ask me, peanut butter and chocolate is one of the greatest dessert combos ever created. As a child, I dreamed of a halloween bucket full of peanut butter cups and would trade with my brother for every piece of sour candy to eat that peanut buttery goodness. In my adult life, my commitment […]


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