This summer I experimented with so many garden veggies and herbs. My chicken salad recipe was one of them and has quickly become a favorite meal. While most chicken salad is heavy with mayonnaise, my recipe is made with a bright citrus vinaigrette that tastes delicious and is far healthier.

Sometimes my lunch needs to be the type to grab and go because I do not always have an opportunity to heat up my food in a toaster oven or a hot logic. Chicken salad is perfect for these occasions when I have a busy school day or just want a Saturday picnic lunch.

This recipe makes 3 cups of chicken salad, about 2 servings.


2 cups shredded cooked chicken – Use leftovers from my crockpot chicken recipe or a grocery store rotisserie chicken

2/3 cup cucumbers peeled and sliced  

1/4 cup sliced sweet pepper – I used red 

1/4 cup of my pickled red onion recipe or you can use raw red onion

Handful of cilantro chopped 

1/4 cup avocado oil 

2 tbsp lime juice about ½ a small lime 

1/2 tsp of salt 

4 cracks of pepper or 1/4 tsp


Take your shredded chicken and add it to a large mixing bowl.

Chop your peppers and cucumbers to bite-sized. I like finely chopped slivers, but still large enough to bring a good crunch. Add these to the chicken.

I add my pickled red onion recipe because it brings good flavor without being overpowering. If you don’t have pickled onions prepared, slice your onions very fine, soak them in water before adding them to the recipe, and only add 1/8 of a cup.

In a separate bowl, mix oil, lime juice, and salt. Whisk together and pour over the chicken and veggie mixture.

Top with cracked pepper and roughly chopped cilantro.

Mix together and refrigerate.

Separate this into individual servings for easy lunches are make a large bowl to share with family and friends.

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